Why Costa Brava needs to be on your bucket list?

Talking about Spain then there are many places and things that need to be talked about. There are beautiful cities, towns, countryside, beaches, medieval architecture which is rare to find, and so much more. Spain certainly has everything that can call for a perfect tourist destination. But amongst all the beautiful towns and places it has, Costa Brava needs a special mention, undoubtedly. Costa Brava stands on the Catalonia region and stretches far to the French border. Throughout the Costa Brava region, there are plenty of beaches, beautiful villages, medieval towns, and a lot more than one can explore. You can have the best stay at Costa Brava villas to rent.

Costa Brava has many things that offer a perfect holiday for people with friends or family. People generally visiting Spain end up exploring the most famous spots like Madrid or Barcelona, but very few give a hard thought on the places that are less explored and Costa Brava is certainly one of them. The place is now rising up as a popular hub but still enjoys a less number of tourists when compared to other famous spots. However, if you are making your way to Costa Brava in your next trip, there are many things you need to know and that makes it a fascinating tourist destination and a must in your bucket list.

Medieval towns

Medieval period has always fascinated people and while reading about them in our books and certain places, we feel like getting transported to that era, but what if you can actually walk on the streets of medieval towns. Yes, Costa Brava has many medieval towns resting in its region. You can say that the development that has its reach in Costa Brava lesser than any other place has made these towns retain its medieval glory. Today they make a great place to spend your vacation at. To witness the best glory of these medieval towns, visit Pals, Girona, and Lloret De Mar.

Well-preserved beaches

Beaches in Costa Brava are splendid. The white sand and turquoise blue water soothe sight of everyone who visits them, but there are plenty of beaches that are well-preserved in their natural forms without any disturbance made by humans. Many are located inside the coves and through the forests. They are treats to eyes and a few of them are only accessed by foot. One can also see the different beaches with different sands and rock and unique rock formation. A few of these well-preserved and more of secret beaches that you should visit include Cala Estreta, Sant Pol de Mar, and Platja Fonda.

Historical Ruins

Being invaded for more than 7 times by different invaders, Costa Brava has witnessed many civilizations rise and fall. The ruins are the proof of these civilizations. Many towns located in Costa Brava has these ruins and the locals take pride in housing them in their town and they also look after them. The most popular ancient ruins of all the civilizations include Empúries and Dolmen of Cova d’en Diana located in Romanya de la Selva. You can actually get an essence of how it would have looked when they were ruling in their full glory. The ruins are one reason that keeps the medieval touch of the towns very much alive.

Countryside life

Most of us are living in major cities and all our lives rely on modern facilities, but experiencing a life in countryside is a whole new experience and one can rarely get to live through this. Costa Brava is one such place where one can actually live a day in the countryside and realize that how amazing it feels to be away from modern facilities.

Fascinating architecture

Costa Brava is a home to the best architectures and a home to a great artist Salvador Dali. The famous surrealist has a name in the entire world of art and Costa Brava is his home. Other than his creations that made Costa Brava world famous, the architecture of entire Costa Brava is worth mentioning. Even the simplest lighthouse looks amazing standing amongst the water. The towns too have a very eccentric architecture which one can rarely see anywhere. While in Costa Brava, make sure to visit the Dali Museum to witness the best work of Salvador Dali and the architecture of the museum is done by Dali himself.

Simple lifestyle

When we all aspire to have a luxurious lifestyle, Costa Brava enjoys the subtle lifestyle where people look forward to the simple things with great energy. You can roam through the towns and see how simple their lives are and how happy they are with it. Spend a day at any of these towns and try to indulge yourself in their way of life.

Sports Activities

When a place is a home to so many beaches, sports activities are mandatory. Most of the beaches that are easily accessed by people offer many sports activities like kayaking, water ski, sailing, and others. This is also one of the reasons that Costa Brava is rising to popularity in recent days for being an ideal holiday destination, precisely among the sports enthusiasts.

So, these reasons are enough for you to count on Costa Brava as your next perfect and must visit holiday destinations. Once you hit the place, there are so much that you can explore.

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